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Updated 4.15.20


This was shared by Zac Stevenson, formerly the AD at Lebanon NH High School.  Zac is now at Traverse City Central HS in Michigan and he still keeps in touch.  This is their Virtual Signing Day video held on 4.15.20.  Congratulations to the nine seniors at TCC who signed today.  Wishing you the best as you move on to college. What great high school careers you've all had! Special thanks to Zac for sharing this with us.  Great use of powerpoint and google meeting!


For those student athletes who will be signing National Letters of Intent this month, here is a resource from Montana that gives you ideas of hosting a virtual signing day.



Team Senior Week by Sport:
Each week is designated for a spring sport.
Week 1: Girls Lacrosse
Week 2: Baseball
Week 3: Girls Track and Field, etc.
On each day of the week recognize a senior on the team (depending on the number of seniors you may need to do more than one per day).
Suggestions: Use social media - Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, local cable access channel. Have action pictures of the athlete, stats in that sport, where they are going to college, a funny story or quote from them, etc. Could even do a drive by their home for "senior day". Notify parent and athlete of time and day that they need to watching for someone. Make posters, bring balloons like you would for senior day.
Senior Door Decoration Day:
Ask parents and seniors to decorate their front door at home with pictures, quotes etc. that best describe the player and their spirit.  Send pictures to coach and AD to be posted on social media, website, youtube, etc.  Determine a specific "Senior Day" for each team to give them their due.
Advice Wall:
Create an advice wall where seniors can put "sticky notes" with everything they've learned over the past four years.  Google Keep is a "sticky note" app that students can download and send.  Post for the team and others to see.
Senior Day Recognition Idea:
Ask Boosters to purchase yard sale signs (see pic below) and decorate for each senior on the team.  Place in each front yard for recognition.  Video it and post too.  Thanks to the person who made the suggestion on the Zoom meeting on 4.1.20.  Hope it catches on!  (Crown Trophy in Hooksett had these on their Instagram page.  So there's a local vendor to contact).

Cheap Yard Signs - Ships Next Day



Get all spring athletes involved by hosting a virtual spirit week.  Run it like you would at school but participants post their pictures to a social media site with a hashtag you determine or email them to a specific staff person.  You can have pajama day, school color day, etc.  Keeps their "spirits" up!

Click here for Spirit Day theme ideas


Set up a competition among teams or within teams.  A theme can be established or not.  Test their creativity.  Using the equipment of the sport each player appropriately "decorates" one item - lacrosse helmet, bats, gloves, goggles, baton, racquet, spikes/cleats - whatever they have at home.  Send pictures to a specific staff person - AD, coach - to be posted.  You can set up voting on a social media site once all is posted to determine a winner.  You can place your own parameters on the decoration process.



Scavenger Hunt Team Building Article

Scavify - The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt APP



Check out this video. Thanks NHSS Girls Lax!
Practicing social distancing while in coronatine- South Girls Lax did the #TPChallenge. We challenge @NSPantherLax, @southbaseball2, @nhssgirlshoop, #allaboard, #reigntrain, @southalc, @nashuaathletics, @NSouthscores



Winnacunnet created an "Athletic News" blog to do a spring preview on each team over the next two weeks. The first preview will take place on Monday 3.30 with the write up follow on Tuesday 3.31. First up: Softball

You can follow the blog here:

Thanks to Aaron Abood for letting us share this idea.