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The Global Community is offering LTI Class 714, Dealing with Challenging People. It is being taught by an All-Star staff. They will teach the class via zoom on Sept 27 at 10AM EDT. The class will run no longer than 4 hours. The cost is $100 which is a bargain!  You can sign up for the class online here: http://ttps://

This opportunity is open to ANYONE. You do not have to be a member of the Global Community to take this class.


. . .We have 10 new ADs who will be joining us in the profession.  We welcome the following to our association:

Bishop Guertin High School                Zach Nelson, Asst. AD

Groveton High School                           Sam Natti

Lin-Wood High School                         Matt Manning

Manchester Memorial HS                    Jordan D'Onofrio

Moultonborough Academy                  Christopher Wood

Newmarket High School                       Jodi Callinan

Nute High School                                   Al Goodwin

​Plymouth High School                          Todd Austin

St. Thomas Aquinas HS                        Dave Morissette

Souhegan High School                          Tony Ramos, Asst. AD


. . . that Senate Bill 148-FN was signed by Governor Sununu on August 10, 2021 to take effect on September 1, 2022. It states:


Requiring emergency action plans for sports related injuries.

210:1  New Section; Health Services; Emergency Plans for Sports Related Injuries.  Amend RSA 200 by inserting after section 40-b the following new section:

200:40-c  Emergency Plans for Sports Related Injuries.  

I.  The local board of each school district or the governing body of each nonpublic school that includes any of the grades 4 through 12, shall establish an emergency action plan for responding to serious or potentially life-threatening sports related injuries.  Each plan shall:

(a)  Document the proper procedures to be followed when a student sustains a serious injury or illness while participating in school sponsored sports or other athletic activity.

(b)  List the employees, team coaches, and licensed athletic trainers in each school who are trained in first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

(c)  Identify the employees, team coaches, or licensed athletic trainers responsible for carrying out the emergency action plan.

(d)  Identify the activity location, address, or venue for the purpose of directing emergency personnel.

(e)  Identify the equipment and supplies and location thereof needed to respond to the emergency.

(f)  Identify the location of any automated external defibrillators and personnel trained in the use of the automated external defibrillator.

(g)  Document policies related to cooling for an exertional heat stroke victim consistent with guidelines established by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

II.  The plan shall be posted within each school and disseminated to, and coordinated with emergency medical services, fire department, and law enforcement.  In addition, each school district shall adopt procedures for obtaining student-participant medical information relative to any injury or illness related to or involving any head, face, or cervical spine, cardiac injury or diagnosis, exertional heat stroke, sickle cell trait, asthma, allergies, or diabetes for each student athlete prior to engaging in activities; policies related to hydration, heat acclimatization and wet bulb globe temperature guidelines as established by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association; and procedures for students to return to play after a sports or illness-related injury, which shall be kept on file by each school district and made available to the department of education and public upon request.  Access, filing, and confidentiality of student-participant medical information shall be managed in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Each plan shall be added to the school's emergency response plan and adopted procedures shall be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.  

III.  The plans shall be implemented by the beginning of the first full school year after the effective date of this section.

Effective Date:  Part III of this act shall take effect September 1, 2022. Check with your SAU office regarding the implementation process in your schools.


. . . the NFHS offers a free Covid 19 course for coaches and administrators.  Click here for more information.


. . . that some of the NIAAA membership benfits include: 

  • $2,000,000 student injury and property damage liability insurance while performing the duties of an athletic administrator
  • $2,500 term life insurance


 . . . that the NFHS Coaches Association membership is not limited to high school coaches. It can also apply to youth or recreational leagues and college coaching, but the sport must be recognized for high school participation by the state high school association. Great deal at only $35.00 per year for general aggregate coverage of $5,000,000 and each occurrence at $2,000,000. Check out the links on for more information.  Protect yourself and your family.


. . . that the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) has become the first association to receive accreditation from Cognia (formerly AdvancED).  Cognia is the equivalent of New England's Accreditation Team: NEASC.

The initial Accreditation came in February of 2011 after the NIAAA hosted a review team in December of 2010 at the National Athletic Directors Conference (NADC). Subsequent to that review and recommendation from the team, in early February, the Cognia (AdvancED) board of directors granted the NIAAA accreditation status for five years. 

Achieving this status has provided significant positive implications for the organization, its member state associations, individual members and our college partners. Everyone in the NIAAA family is extremely proud of this achievement. 

It is an accomplishment that is owned by every member of the association. In December of 2015, the NIAAA again hosted a (AdvancED) review team at the NADC. Subsequent to that review, the NIAAA Accreditation status has been renewed for another five years through 2020. 

Click this link for more info on NIAAA Accreditation

Traveling this summer and want some professional development in the car?  Listen to the OFF DUTY ADs podcast.  Find the link under Toolbox - Podcasts, Videos and Helpful Links

Also, the AD Insider videos are linked there as well.  Check them out!


With our website developed by BigTeams & Schedule Star, we are going to be able to post information quicker and easier than ever before with a dynamic layout. Athletic Directors across the state will have better access to NHADA news & updates, documents, general information and more.

With this site, we will also do our best to showcase various highlights and recognize the accomplishments of both individuals and groups throughout the year. The site will be more visual, as we aim to create photo galleries of our events and provide more interactivity with new features such as an online "open dates" request system, and a "jobs" section for coach openings that you can submit to. Once your submissions have been received, we will approve them for display on the website for the rest of the NHADA membership to view.

We do not know how the future will play out.  We plan to continue to provide professional development opportunities for coaches and ADs and will update our virtual learning tab as we know more.  Stay tuned for updates and information.

We look forward to a healthy, productive school year in 2021-2022.


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