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Updated 10.3.20
Here is the YouTube link of the Strong Youth Strong Communities youth summit from Friday 9/25/20 discussing suicide prevention.
Wed 4/22 at 3pm:
We have a session for students put on by Con-Val Athletic Trainer Chris Lundsted at 3pm.
The session will encompass some stretching/foam rolling/yoga to address issues athletes might be experiencing during this time related to general muscle tightness.
Here is an inner workout video from the Nashua High Schools Mindfulness Coach Kellie Gabriel.  Thanks Kellie.  We all need a lot of this right now!

This video was made by the Sportsmanship Council Athletes of Connecticut. The challenge is for New Hampshire student leaders to make one of their own. Well done Connecticut!
  • Recognize how important it is to take excellent care of your body when things are difficult. When we face disappointment, fear, or stress, it is important that we pay particularly close attention to our nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep. 
  • Continue to be a great teammate. If you are able, reach out to teammates and friends to ask how they’re doing and whether they’re ok. The act of supporting and showing care for each other will benefit and strengthen both of you.
  • Be courageous about asking for help. Parents, coaches, and other trusted adults want to support you during difficult times. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, or depressed, let one of the adults you trust know very specifically. Ask them for a time you can have an honest talk with them when they can be free of other distractions. Be honest with them about what’s going on and how you are feeling. Don’t hesitate to ask for help for fear that your concerns aren’t important. 

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We had a great lineup of presenters ready to go for NH Student Leadership Conference 2020! Here's your chance to see and hear from them. Thanks NHIAA for sharing this post.

Due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, the NHADA and NHIAA jointly decided to cancel the 2020 New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference. High schools across the state have begun remote learning and we want to contribute by providing resources from select presenters from this year's conference. We were very excited to have some new presenters at NHSLC20, and we want to provide student leaders with a chance to see and hear what they are all about. 

Laurie Warnock, Deb Hult, John Underwood and Ivy Watts can be heard by clicking this link



  1. Take an active role in your recruiting process.  Don’t assume college coaches will seek you out.  With athletic contests currently on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to be proactive.
  2. Make sure you include key people in your recruiting process (i.e. parents/family, high school head coach, guidance/college counselor, club coach, NCAA Eligibility Center).
  3. Work with your head coach, college counselor (available via Zoom) college athletic recruiting director, family, etc. to create a list of 10 schools based on your academic fit, athletic fit, and social fit.  Use this as your starting point and you can add and subtract schools throughout the recruiting process.
  4. Create an athletic profile including your name, contact information, highlight link, and academic/athletic accomplishments to email to college coaches.
  5. Consistently communicate with college coaches of schools you’re interested in via email, phone, text, Face Time, etc.
  6. Questions to ask college coach: what’s their vision for you in their program, school’s academic requirements, team graduation rate, coaching philosophy, current roster for your position, and scholarship availability.
  7. Stay consistent with your academic work (virtual learning) and with your individual workouts and training at home.
  8. During the recruiting process, try to use your full name for your social media handles (and use the same handle across all platforms if possible) so it makes it easier for college coaches to find you.
  9. Use social media platforms to post not only athletic highlights (link in bio), but also practice drills, individual workouts and camp performances.  Also, remember college coaches are viewing all content you share on social media.
  10. Take virtual tours of campus and facilities.
Courtesy of Ira Childress, AD
Gulliver Schools
Pinecrest, FL


Spring Track Workouts:

Thanks to Coach Jason Saltmarsh from Winnacunnet for sharing his spring track workout for distance runners.  He will post weekly workouts.  Check out his podcast at:

Coe Brown Athletics 2020 Guide To Remote Spring Training

Thanks to Matt Skidds, AD at Coe Brown for letting us post this.  Karen Carey, ATC at CBNA has compiled this packet.  Thanks Karen for your hard work and contribution to remote learning.

Winnisquam Workout Plan

Thank you Brian Contorchick for sharing the Winnisquam Workout Plan on Twitter but a big shout out to Winnisquam's Athletic Trainer Kelsey Rainey for putting this workout plan together.



Unfinished Business- 5 Insights When Your Athletic Season Is Sidelined By A Pandemic

Practicing social distancing while in coronatine- South Girls Lax did the #TPChallenge.
And Nashua South Girls Hoop accepted the challenge: